End of a Chair-a

Sophomore year of college, my friend Mike has an idea to build new chairs. Not just any seats though, take the chairs out of a 1985 Pontiac Fiero, and make regular desk chairs out of them. Being sophomoric, I have no reasonable objection, so he starts scouring Craigslist. We find a guy in Jersey selling two Fiero seats and decided to drive out there.

Not Done

We’re not done, but the new Done Not Done, coded by yours truly, is up in the app store. An app to keep track of the movies you’ve seen, music you’ve listened to, and books you’ve read, and for all the things you want to do.


My primary motivations for unfriending 360 Facebook friends was pretty simple; I just didn’t like to be on Facebook anymore. I posted three times in the last year. When I released an Unmentionables, I wanted to take advantage of social. When I wanted to put something on Bondsy for my entire network to see, more social pressure. And of course, to put up a picture of me wearing a sombrero. I didn’t care about the day to day particulars from most of the people I was friends with, and every time I went on it made me feel apathetic towards Facebook. It’s silly for me to be paying for the mistakes that a 16-year old version of me made.


  • Based on beta 1 of iOS 7 (so take it with a grain of salt): from skeumorphic to schizophrenic.


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