My primary motivations for unfriending 360 Facebook friends was pretty simple; I just didn’t like to be on Facebook anymore. I posted three times in the last year. When I released an Unmentionables, I wanted to take advantage of social. When I wanted to put something on Bondsy for my entire network to see, more social pressure. And of course, to put up a picture of me wearing a sombrero. I didn’t care about the day to day particulars from most of the people I was friends with, and every time I went on it made me feel apathetic towards Facebook. It’s silly for me to be paying for the mistakes that a 16-year old version of me made.


  • Based on beta 1 of iOS 7 (so take it with a grain of salt): from skeumorphic to schizophrenic.

WWDC 2013 Prediction

I’m only going to make one prediction for WWDC this year, and it’s one that probably won’t be verifiable for a bit of time. With that in mind, I’ll just leave this here.


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