Wunderlist is wunderful. Could be wunderfuler.

Dec 20, 2012
1 minute read

It’s not their fault.

tldr; It sucks that iOS apps can’t update in the background, but I get why Apple does this. No biggie, it would just make a lot of apps better, but at the cost of thinking about battery consumption.

P.S. You can’t read 200 words, really?

This week, a product that I hold close to my heart Wunderlist had a major update. It’s totally revamped with bugs of the past smoothed out. I want every Reminders-like app to just behave like Wunderlist. It’s cross platform, syncs for free, is intuitive to use, and beautifully crafted. But it can never run a daemon on Apple-made devices and exist in the App Store.

The fact that Apple controls iOS so tightly means that Reminders, their own app, can get updates from other devices via iCloud when you’re not in the app. It a magical (yes, magical… ok, seamless) experience to take a note on your iPhone, and open your Mac four days later knowing that your change will be there. In fact, OS X 10.8 introduced a feature where a sleeping computer can download updates without even opening the lid (if your Mac is plugged into an outlet). I often jot down reminders on the subway and then open my computer the next day to be told of what I’ve surely forgotten to do.

It just sucks that there’s nothing 6Wunderkinder, and other developers can do to make their product that awesome.

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