Hola! I'm Joe Fabisevich

iOS Developer & Design Contractor

Building high quality software for nice folks at Snarkbots Inc.

If you've stumbled across my page, there's a good chance you're looking for a mobile developer (or you know, I've sent you here). 👋

I've worked on a lot of great products, at a lot of great places. Most recently I was working at Timehop and Betaworks.

I co-founded and built out Picks, and before that I was doing interesting work at Bitly, NYPL Labs, Bondsy, and Viggle.

I'm fluent in Swift (love it), Objective-C, Java, and always exploring new languages. Go, Python, and Ruby are a step below in terms of comfort. I'm always flirting with Haskell and Elixir too. 😘

As a senior developer, I devote time to help growing developers in our industry. If you'd like some advice or guidance, email me. If I have free time coming up, donate $10 to a good cause (my recommendation), and we can setup a video chat, or lunch if you're in NYC and would like to treat me. 🙂

In the mean time, here is an ever updating list of articles I've found incredibly helpful in my growth as a programmer.
(RSS feed available too.)

Anywho… Hello! I'm friendly and don't bite. I may scratch though.