Joe Fabisevich


Joe Fabisevich is an iOS developer and designer.

If you’ve stumbled across my page, there’s a good chance you’re looking for a mobile developer (or you know, I’ve sent you here). 👋 Here’s a resume for you.

I’ve worked on a lot of great products, at a lot of great places, with a lot of great people. It’s been great. Most recently I was working at Timehop and Betaworks.

I co-founded and built Picks, and before that I was doing interesting work at Bitly, NYPL Labs, Bondsy, and Viggle.

I’m fluent in Swift (love it), Objective-C, Java, and always exploring new languages. Go, Python, and Ruby are a step below in terms of comfort. I’m always flirting with Haskell and Elixir too. 😘

As a senior developer, I devote time to help growing developers in our industry. If you’d like some advice or guidance, email me. If I have free time coming up, donate $20 to a good cause if you can afford it (my recommendation), and we can setup a video chat, or lunch if you’re in NYC and would like to treat me. 🙂

In the mean time, here is an ever updating list of articles I’ve found incredibly helpful in my growth as a programmer. You can join others who subscribe to them via email, and keep upping your knowledge. And of course there’s an RSS feed available too.

Anywho… Hello! I’m friendly and don’t bite. I may scratch though.

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